Bloating following mastectomy

Posted by rosiemolano @rosiemolano, Apr 8, 2018

First of all, I am my biggest critic and that being said, I hear myself ask questions and sound vain, shallow. But it doesn't negate my nemisis....bloating. I don't feel gasy I just look like I have a very very round beach ball underneath my shirts!!! Why is this? I asked about this immediately after my surgery and the dr., a man said oh lovie, its just that you are now seeing a part of your abdomen that you could not see when you had a breast. I have complained to the point of finally getting an ultrasound and results are negative, a liver test shows fatty liver and dr. say not to worry.

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I am sorry to hear of the bloating. That makes wearing clothes more difficult, does it? Is there any pain or other symptoms with the bloating?

Are you taking any post-mastectomy meds (chemo, etc.) that might be contributing to the bloating?

If you are not able to get an understanding for this bloating, would you consider a second opinion?

I look forward to hearing from you again.



Hi Rosie,
You'll notice that I moved your message and question to the Breast Cancer group to connect you with other women who have had a mastectomy, like @cindylb @baynie @madijen @BarbaraAnn16540 @donnay @survivor1 and @elvandi

Rosie, I don't consider your concern to be vain. Breast cancer changes one's body and it can be hard to know what is the new normal, what one has to accept and what one can change or what will adapt. Your surgeon may be have a point that your stomach hasn't changed but it is more visible now because the breasts have been removed. But, from a surgeon's point of view, your feeling about your belly isn't important. He's focused on getting the cancer out. So are you, of course, but you are also attached to your body, your self-esteem and living well with the new body. So this is important, too.

I'm glad you've ruled out medical issues. How long ago was your surgery? Could it still be an effect from the surgery - air or fluid?

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