Belly skin sensitive 5 wks yet after surgery

Posted by bridgetn @bridgetn, May 13, 2019

Hi. I had surgery on april 3 to remove the cancer. My skin is very sensitive between my incison and belly button. Its almost like touch a bad sunburn. I can rub on my scar to help break up and prevent scar tissue build up by not above it.

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I am not sure what type of surgery you had, but I had surgery to remove colon cancer about 5 weeks ago. They had to do a second surgery to remove an abscess, so I wasn’t sutures up after my second surgery (still have a partially open wound). I used a wound vac. Part of my wound is healed and I know that the area around my belly button is sensitive. I think because they cut right through that area ? Is it the skin itself or are you feeling it below? I think there are more nerve endings there.


Hi @bridgetn,

I hope you've found some relief from what sounds like very sensitive scar tissue? Are you able to share what type of surgery you had?
In the meantime I’m bringing a few other members into the conversation – @travelgirl @nannytart @sallyg @maroney @calite @adrianspa @readingteacher @tracy430 @idkaren @josita19 – as they may be able to shed some light on your situation.

I look forward to hearing more from you.

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