BACK ISSUES: Trying to decide if I should see a Chiropractor

Posted by erothman01 @erothman01, Jul 19, 2022

So, I recently was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease. the MRI showed that my L2-L3 are pressing on my canal causing my issues. I am being sent to a neuro surgeon to see what they think and for options. In the Meantime, I was thinking about seeing a chiropractor. However, my dr/NP said that based on my MRI that I shouldn't. ADVISE??? are

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@erothman01 Welcome to Connect. It sounds like you are doing the right things in seeing your doctor about back pain. A chiropractor can't fix a degenerated spinal disc. Please do not take any patient's advice over your doctor's advice, and on Connect, members can't give you treatment recommendations. Only a medical specialist should be involved in your decisions about spine care. The reason your doctor advised again a chiropractor is based on their trained medical opinion. If your disc is bad enough that it is pressing on the spinal cord in the spinal canal, a chiropractic push would put more pressure on that, and may possibly rupture the disc or worse yet, if you have instability, it can shift the vertebrae into increased contact with the spinal cord and could cause permanent damage. If you need a further explanation from your doctor, please ask them for the reason behind their recommendation. Also, you may run the risk of being fired as a patient by the spine surgeon. Do you think the surgeon wants to risk his reputation and procedure success ratings on a patient who does not heed medical advice? It is pretty easy for them to back out if they think a procedure may fail because a patient won't follow directions.

You are welcome to discuss what you learn about your condition and to share experiences and learn from other members. Would you share what you learn form your spine surgery consult?


Being from Iowa, there is a bronze plaque on a main street in Davenport where it says the first chiropractic manipulation was performed.. it cured the hearing loss of a person.. there is a scientific reason that chiropractors are not on staff of credible hospitals and clinics.. get opinions from a orthopedic spine surgeon and a neurologist.. the chiropractor can do damage..

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