Asleep from waist down.

Posted by wolfride29073 @wolfride29073, Jun 8 12:31pm

The numbness and tingling keeps getting worse making prolonged standing difficult. Now everything feels like it's falling asleep when sitting. I have to constantly shift to lessen the intensity. Does anyone else's butt and hips fall asleep when sitting.

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Hi @wolfride29073 This is something you’ll want to have checked out with your primary care provider. They may recommend you see a neurologist to make sure you’re not having any issue with your spinal cord. There can be simple things like a pinched nerve that needs to be relieved with therapy which could cause your symptoms to something much more serious. This isn’t anything to trifle with. Your doctor may suggested having an MRI and other tests to determine the cause of your numbness and tingling.
Have you discussed this with your doctor?


I have that. If I stand, sit or walk to long, I get numbness in my lower back, hips, buttocks, legs and feet. I have severe lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, radiculapathy, bilateral gluteal tendinopathy, etc. You will want to quickly get in to your doctor and ask for a lumbar/hip MRI and then go to a neurologist to do nerve testing (EMG, nerve conduction studies, etc.). You may need to see an orthopedic spine specialist at some point to get to the bottom or your symptoms and to determine treatment options. Is this a suddenly new symptom? Did you have a fall or accident recently? Do you have impact on your bladder/bowels or growin? Certain symptoms can be an emergency (cauda equina).
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