Are we out of treatment options?

Posted by chuckmii @chuckmii, Mar 27 11:45am

Long story short: wife, non operable atage 4 MCRC spread to liver and peritoneum. Diagnosed July 2023. Initial treatment was FOLFOX, 6 rounds (bad side effects), ended up in hospital for 5 weeks with blockage, sepsis, emergency colostomy. Started 5FU by itself in Jan 2024, 3 rounds (CEA shot up) CT done revealed progression in all areas and possible spread to lymph nodes. Went to FOLFIRI last 3 rounds (CEA initial decline then shot up last week to 421, highest it has ever been.)Doctor is adding Avastin to the FOLFIRI for tomorrow’s treatment and moving up the next CT from early May to mid April. Based on her tumor typing, immunotherapy is not available (would not be effective.) What other chemo/treatment options are there? I haven’t found any and this regimen is essentially 3rd/4th line treatment. My wife is in strong denial that we could be approaching the end, so it’s hard to ask the doctor my questions without upsetting her. This community has been awesome and so I ask you all for any input.


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@chuckmii, have you and your wife explore clinical trial options with her oncologist?


We have not. A lot is riding on blood test results and CT scan next week. I have learned to read between the lines with the oncologist and I know it's not great. It is progressing and she did not want to use Avastin due to the potential bleeding issues. My wife already has severe anemia due to the cancer, this could make it worse and if her fatigue is any indication, it is. Not sure she could handle a clinical trial, definitely not up for traveling, she can barely get out of the house for labs and treatment. I will bring it up with the oncologist next time treatment options are discussed. Also, hopeful that the palliative doctor will have some information that he can give to us tomorrow.


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