are foot massagers safe to use

Posted by bausch @bausch, Mar 8 3:33pm

I am prediabetic with an A!C of 6.5. I am also on blood thinner for a blood clot I had in my lung, that most likely came from my varicose veins four years ago. Is it safe to use a foot massager to relieve my stiff feet because of my other conditions that I mentioned. And if so, what kind would you recommend. Thanks

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Welcome @bausch, I think this is a medical question you really need to discuss with your doctor or primary care team. I had a DVT from a blood clot in my leg and another one that showed up a little later in my lungs last fall and have been on a blood thinner for a little over 4 months. I also have lymphedema in my legs and wear compression socks to control the swelling but I have given the leg with the DVT a hand massage and used a variable compression leg wrap shortly after I had the blood clot to help with the leg swelling during the day and my care team OKed the use of the device.

Here's some information on the topic but I highly recommend talking with your doctor first.

"Can you have a massage on blood thinners?
Massages at a later date and while taking a blood thinner are not prohibited, but more forceful deep tissue massage that could cause bruising or bleeding should be avoided on blood thinners."
--- Vascular Disease Patient Information Page: A guide for patients with newly diagnosed deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism:

How long has it been since the blood clot was found?


5 years ago. But my doctor wanted me to stay on warfarin.


5 years ago. But my doctor wanted me to stay on warfarin.

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I have an upcoming ultrasound in April and suspect that I may have to stay on blood thinners also.

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