Anyone have hip replacement then problems two months later?

Posted by amrywykabu53 @amrywykabu53, Dec 23, 2023

Total hip replacement two months ago everything was going great. Two days ago started have excruciating pain when I got up from chair or moving it. Any suggestions.

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I would return to the surgeon and have x-rays of the hip.
My hip replacement was six months ago. The recovery has been good. I now have some pretty challenging back pain which I feel is a result of limping before and after the hip replacement.


@amrywykabu53 Oh, that kind of pain at this point should have you reaching for your phone.
Have you called the surgeon's after hours or emergency number yet? If that does not work, you need to visit an emergency department where an x-ray can be taken.


This happened to me. I contacted my surgeon and he said it wasn’t the hip causing pain but was my back. He would not see me or order an X-ray of my hip. Also no more pain pills even though my pain had greatly increased. My pain was in my buttock when walking or standing. My PCP ordered an X-ray and gave me pain pills. The X-ray showed no problem. She advised to slow down on my activity level me not to bend over very far. I rested more and after a few weeks the pain was gone. I think I did too much too soon. I was a slow healer (on prednisone) and am finally driving again at 4 months after surgery. All seems fine now. I hope you resolve your pain soon.

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