Anyone else with Functional Dyspepsia finding treatment that works?

Posted by mmorley @mmorley, Feb 23 4:14pm

I've had upper abdomen burning (not inside stomach) for just over a year and after multiple tests they have diagnosed me with Functional Dyspepsia. Sometimes an ice pack is helpful in easing the burning sensation. Starting on Desipramine tonight and would like to hear from anyone that has this diagnosis and any treatments that are effective.

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Hi there- I have functional dyspepsia, but I don’t really have acid symptoms. Mine are more upper abdominal pain, distention, pressure and early satiety, so I’m sorry I can’t comment on effectiveness for burning pain.

But the supplements/treatments I use I think are supposed to be effective for those symptoms as well. I haven’t taken prescription medication because there isn’t really anything that’s very effective for my symptoms. Some people take low dose neuromodulators (aka antidepressants) for FD, bloating, and IBS. I’m very sensitive to medication so scared to try.

I’ve had the most success with FDGard, an over the counter product. It’s super expensive though (make sure not to get the related IBGard product because that’s peppermint oil, which can make acid reflux worse if that’s a concern).

My dietician also recommended Iberogast, which is an herbal supplement that’s been clinically tested for use with FD and IBS. It’s actually a first line treatment in Europe but for some weird reason isn’t widely available in the US except on Amazon or I order it from a site called Northern Vitality. It’s widely available in Canada, Europe, and Australia and owned by Bayer so I have no clue why it’s not widely available in the US.

It’s less expensive than FDGard, and I like it because it’s more flexible with timing and dosage. I can take it just before I eat, or after if I have pain as long as it’s not over the maximum dose within one day.

My pelvic physical therapist (they sometimes have additional experience in GI issues) also taught me some strategies and techniques to help with motility after eating, which seems to ease the pain—things like abdominal massage and different breathing exercises.

Altogether, it doesn’t resolve everything, but it helps with some of the pain.


Thank you for sharing. I don't have acid reflux since I had surgery for that years ago. I just started an Artichoke extract that I researched but might try the Iberogast you suggested. Take care and best wishes.

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