Anyone diagnosed with Colonic Inertia ?

Posted by matchabell @matchabell, Mar 3 10:28am

Never had any type of gastrointestinal issues. Symptoms started slowly nearly three years ago. Today completely dependent on large water enema every few days. Loss sensation to go and peristalsis. Tried all medications, don’t work and horrible side effects. Every test shows colon not functioning. I recently found that my Microbiome is off the charts with Sibo, H. Polori and a crazy parasite. I’m on a strict elemental diet day 6. To date only option given is a total Colectomy. I’m so afraid especially not passing Manometry test three times ! I’m Still trying to get to the root cause. Pain, bloating fatigue, and this overwhelming unwell state has taken its toll and sucked any quality of life away… Can anyone share their diagnosis experience of colonic inertia ? Very much appreciated.

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I have chronic constipation symptoms, but have not been diagnosed. I am scheduled for second colonoscopy next month. I found this piece interesting. It seems I might need different tests and not a regular colonoscopy. I hope you get some good responses.,least%20once%20every%203%20days.&text=An%20orderly%20evaluation%20can%20confirm,will%20benefit%20from%20surgical%20therapy.

Here’s another piece:
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