5 year colonoscopy check by 12-21-18" Why not?

Posted by memorae12 @memorae12, Oct 28, 2018

I called to get my 5 year colonoscopy check by 12-31-18. I was told I need to see a doctor first on 12-20-18. I am a test case with historical records. I don’t understand why I have to see a doctor on 12-20-18 to set it up. Never happened before. My insurance changes on 1-1-19, so I need the colonoscopy this year to have full coverage. I have had 5 year checks since 1991 with no issues. Will update this if I can get colonoscopy on 12-20-18 which only requires one visit. I only have one day free left in 2018 for sick days. Clifford M Allen, waiting for better news.

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@memorae12 were you able to get answers to your question about why you need a doctor referral for your regular colonoscopy check where you've not needed one before?


@memorae12 @colleenyoung I believe it maybe something to due with age? A Dr has to authorize you are in good health in order to perform a colonoscopy. I know once we turn 50 the rules on operations and procedures are different. They need to monitor a person differently after age 50. They do not want to have any complications with, what is normally a simple routine procedure. It maybe possible if you have had a routine examination recently, that Dr may release you for the procedure?
My husband is having his first colonoscopy after 16 yrs, and Mayo clinic is requesting he also meet with the GI department first. Prior to performing the procedure.
I honestly think it is a great idea to make sure they know the persons history, before they do any procedures. This will ensure all goes well with the procedure. I would question any facility that doesn't request this. To me it would then be considered a patient mill.. Move them in, move out, without any sense of well being for the patient, would not be a good thing. But that is just my opinion.
I wish you the best with your colonoscopy.


Hi @memorae12,

@travelgirl is correct – usually, a referral from one's primary care physician is strongly encouraged for people who are older than 50 years (or younger, when appropriate). Also, without a proper referral, some insurance companies may not cover the costs. Could you check with the insurance company about requiring a referral, as well as to find out if the referral doctor is on the plan?

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