3T Multiparametric MRI for prostate cancer

Posted by dan15 @dan15, Mar 29 11:16am

Is 3T Multiparametric MRI the default standard for prostate cancer detection at Mayo Clinic in Rochester?

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No....in any local a transperineal fusion biopsy is the definitive procedure for diagnosis. The 3T MRI is great for what it is, but it does not directly lead to a diagnosis.


Hi @dan15, if prostate cancer screening detects an abnormality, further tests are required to determine whether you have prostate cancer, which may include MRI, ultrasound, biopsy and other exams.

Mayo Clinic radiologists use advanced imaging technology, which is key to ensuring you receive an accurate diagnosis to guide your treatment. Many of these innovative imaging methods are available at very few medical centers. In recent years, Mayo Clinic installed a 7-tesla MRI scanner and a dual-source photon-counting CT scanner at its campus in Rochester, Minnesota. Both were the first in North America approved for clinical use. The clinic has also added a 7-tesla MRI scanner at its campus in Florida, and plans to add a photon-counting CT scanner there. Read more here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/radiology/sections/overview/ovc-20469630

Are you currently undergoing diagnostic testing?

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