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Cynaburst & Thankful, My hat is off to You both. An allergic reaction that got me to the hospital a couple of years ago discovered I had a blocked artery at 80%, after the stent things have moved along. You are not “damaged goods”, I also experience problems with weight control and exercise that I am addressing. I am grateful and in my case it has had its effects mentally, I am less tolerant, I have stress and I don’t sleep well. After the stent I took plavix for one year, started to get black and blue every time I bumped into something. Had a talk with my cardiologist and was taken off of it. My ECG have been the same, “no change”. The medicines I take are irbesartan 300,aspirin 325, crestor 20 that I did not take before.
If you don’t have a hobby, try to get one that you enjoy, that gets your minds total attention, You will see and experience a difference. Exercise is good and if you miss a day or two, don’t beat yourself up for it. And don’t worry about your heart, YOU both are taking care of it!.

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@joem, Thank you for your encouraging words and story. I too want to drop about 15 lbs.! We just returned from a 10 day vacation so I didn’t help myself in that area of weight loss. I am still working and so I have found that adding my workout times in my planner is no different than another scheduled appt.
I agree with you about the hobby. I am currently trying to ease into retirement and it not near as easy as I had thought. I know I will get there soon and I am trying not to stress over the time frame. My hope will be to volunteer in different capacities which is something I look forward having time to give back.
As men we often think that unless we are in a gym pumping weights or whatever we are not really exercising, but that is such a farce. Start slow with just walking and work your way up to a mile or so. Besides the exercise you get you will be surprised of the things you miss by driving by them. Smell-the-flowers!

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