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Hi, no I don’t have a port, it was final of 6 treatments. The nurse just told me to apply pressure with a gauze, then through in the garbage. Didn’t want me to wash it at the sink , but I did. It’s been three weeks, no serious visual signs, just sore , some swelling n feels like an acid burn and seems to be traveling a bit. Family Dr. just said it happens sometimes. I explained that I thought more should be done. Not sure if too much time has passed, and it’s effects on my health. Got anemia, tired a lot and not sure what’s causing what. Greatful for your input.

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One thing you can do to see if the area is spreading is to make little dots around it or ‘ring’ it with a magic marker. Then keep an eye out for any changes. Or is this the burning sensation that feels like it’s spreading?

You were wise to speak with your family doctor but I don’t know how familar they are with chemo burns. You may want to talk with your oncologist or their nurse practitioner especially if this isn’t feeling like it’s improving. Maybe try some ice packs to see if that helps the swelling?

Most chemotherapy treatments can make you feel tired as the blood count numbers generally drop during mid cycle. You’ve gone through a lot with your cancer treatments so it can take time to heal and recover. For me it took longer to recover after each subsequent cycle. When will you have your next labs?