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I also found cardiac rehab very helpful after my open heart surgery. My husband has found it helpful as well. I recommend.

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Cynaburst, Although each of us have a tough story to tell and because we are still climbing a mountain or walking through a valley each day, I am humbled reading your posts and the several others because they make me feel that I am very fortunate. I did receive a stent and after a year was taken off Plavix a year later.
I am working out 3x a week doing approx. 55 min. of cardio and 25 min. of weight training.
I was placed on 80 Mg of Atorvastin and have been having issues with numbness in my legs & feet if I walk much more than a mile or if I’m just standing still for prolonged periods. I’ve have been through several different tests to determine what the source of this problem might be and all have come up negative.
I began thinking that it was the statin drug and so I contacted both my regular doctor and my cardiologist about this. I’m somewhat convinced that it may be the statin, but both don’t agree but are willing to have me go off it for several weeks and see if my symptoms dissipate. I am in the midst of this at the moment and will report back.
I want to encourage your husband to become comfortable in trusting the staff at cardio rehab and when he feels more comfortable to begin pushing himself a little more each week. Simple things like adding a few extra minutes to the treadmill or elliptical or another set of 12 for other weights will add to his confidence. This will be key after he graduates from cardio rehab and hopefully moves to a local gym that he can continue getting stronger and more & more confidence. I am fortunate in that the gym I was working out at for a number of years prior to my HA is a place called Fitness over Fifty and so the make up is older adults pursuing some level of fitness. It is a very encouraging place to work out for me. Be well!

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