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I am a 52 yr. old female with low cholesterol, low BP and no family history of heart issues. I awoke a month ago with numbing in both arms and a burning sensation in my upper chest and back. My husband called 911 and they put me in an ambulance where I promptly coded also experiencing a Widow Maker. The miracle was that this happened with 5 paramedics standing over me and they were able to get my heart started again. I am having alot of anxiety as well, emotional stuff and being very jumpy. I call it the “day my heart attacked me”, because I realized I am upset and disappointed in my body. I feel as though it really let me down and I’m working on trying to pay attention to my thoughts and changing them. I have heard that there is not only a PTSD type reaction that is common when something like this happens but also a physical reaction in the body that can contribute to some depression and anxiety. I start cardiac rehab next week which I’m hoping will lift my spirits.

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@pboaen, I want to encourage you as you begin the cardiac rehab program. For me, although I was familiar with all of the workout equipment, I had real concerns that I would trigger another HA. What I found was very competent people with a great understanding & compassion for what we all had been through. Wearing a monitor & knowing that someone would be monitoring me all through the routines added that extra measure of confidence I needed. I wish you all peace & confidence you need to take the next steps in recovery!

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