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Welcome @thankful,
Your message is a perfect way to start. You’re definitely in the right group. Let me introduce you to a few Hearth Health members to start. Please meet @cynaburst @HeartPatches @wangs @Sensation @ronbee @billmichalski who know about the ups and downs of staying fit and heart healthy. There is definitely a mental component to it along with motivation and plain old determination. It can help to have a support group like this when the going gets tough, like the frustration of a darn machine telling you there’s no improvement when you’ve worked so hard. Of course, you know that you’re doing the right thing with exercise and diet, but it sure would help to have that confirmed by the echo.

Have you seen the discussion that @gramps64 started? “How do I begin living a healthy lifestyle to benefit my heart?” https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/this-is-now-the-second-time-in-the-past-3-12-years/

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Greetings to my new friends! I’m looking forward to our discussions and hope I can add to them as well! I look forward to your continued support.
Be well, @thankful

@colleenyoung – Colleen, has there been any posts associated with Chelation Therapy or EBTA supplements regarding cardio plague, etc.? We have some friends that there farther began this therapy over 15 years ago after suffering 2 heart attacks & receiving 3 stents. Now after all this time his cardiologist tells him that he has the arteries of a newborn? The little amount of research I have done (Even Dr. Weil) does not give it high marks?

@thankful You’re right query the effectiveness of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelation therapy for the treatment of plaque and heart disease. @jordanm posted on Connect about chelation therapy with respect to Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), but there hasn’t been a discussion about it with respect to heart disease yet.

Here’s some information written by the Mayo Clinic
The effectiveness of chelation therapy for heart disease has not been established, even after a large clinical trial (TACT). Furthermore, there are serious concern about the safety of this treatment for patients with heart disease.

PS: @thankful, you may wish to join this thread
What are the best methods for removing plaque from the artery?

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