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@carmenc1955 I understand your fear. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2019 after I saw my gynecologist for spotting. I had been in menopause for 8 years at that point and figured spotting couldn't be normal. I was so stunned when I got the diagnosis (after ultrasound and then a D&C with hysteroscopy) that I got lost while driving on a very familiar route on my way home from my gynecologist's office.

I get so anxious and fearful sometimes that my thinking becomes very irrational. Fear and anxiety can do that in which your mind leaps to the worst possible conclusions. I mention this because I've since learned that this is pretty common with people who are diagnosed with or have had cancer. If you are thinking the worst then be assured that many of us have done the same. Keep track of your thoughts. Write them down in a thought log and then challenge those thoughts.

My fear and anxiety takes this path. It's anticipatory in which I fear the worst. But once I'm in the situation I quickly find out that those irrational thoughts are, well, irrational. I then can focus on the present and what's right in front of me. In your case, that means your treatment plan. @aardvark2118 sent you some reassuring news that not all chemotherapy is debilitating. I had 25 sessions of radiation therapy and 2 brachytherapy treatments. I had minimal fatigue, a few days of diarrhea and that was all the side effects of radiation therapy I experienced. Your cancer care team will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable during your treatments.

What scares you the most? Do you have some specific fears you know of that you can share here so that we can help you figure out how to deal with those fears?

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Thank you for your encouraging response. I bought a journal as you suggested, along with some beautiful colored pens. I did begin to journal my fears and how my days are going. My biggest fears are of the unknown. I worry about the possibility of getting demientia, as my younger brother just passed from early-onset Alzheimer's. He was 66 when he passed less than a month ago. My husband and I go to a "chemo class" tomorrow at my oncologist office. I am hoping this will help with the "unknowns". Thank you once again for encouraging me and for recommending journaling.