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Tired of the gaslighting

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P. S. You are right about NSAIDs not really helping with all types of pain. I took so much of it for severe period pain, headaches, and back pain but now have gastritis from taking too much for too long. This can put you at a higher risk of stomach cancer. My recent endoscopy at the end of December was due to newer stomach pain when I wake up in the morning. The biopsies will check for h pylori bacteria and irregular cells to see if further treatment is needed. Doctors don’t really do a good job of helping patients manage pain and warn about the risks of taking too much over the counter pain relievers. I know I took too much because I was not getting help from my doctors and trying to function in life as a single parent. It is really hard to work or do much if you are in constant pain everyday. I now get lumbar spinal injections to help manage my pain and delay the need for surgery to fuse my lumbar L3L4L5S1 together(they want to wait until I am older since it will restrict my movement).

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P.S.S. I did have 3 surgeries 2022-2023 (ACDF of my cervical spine at C5C6, thyroid right lobectomy, and breast implant removal). I also had a D&C in 2019 due to severe menstruation and polyps causing iron deficiency. These surgeries helped address some of the significant symptoms I was experiencing. At first, they needed to rule out MS, Lupus, etc. which scared me. My mom had Lupus, RA, Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.