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@kimroepke, I agree about certain fibers in clothing causing flares. I never could wear wool next to my body and would like to know where you found loose leggings without wool. When I am at home I wear men's boxer shorts, size medium (way too big for me), but it helps not to have anything tight in that area and a skirt; however during cold weather when I go somewhere, I have to wear pants and usually wear silk long underwear as well as cotton panties. As soon as I return home, I get back into a skirt with my men's underwear. Hooray for you walking daily! I do my video exercises from the Y. I also have a compounded cream (Lidocaine 8% in Aquaphor) that I use to numb the area. LS is just so miserable. I was told many years ago that LS is one of those "no cause, no cure" diseases. I was told the same with PMR. It would be wonderful if someone did research on LS and could come up with a cure. I think if more men had it, there would be research. But, by now there should be a cure for cancer and that isn't happening. I guess we just have to be grateful for each day we have no matter how we feel. With all good wishes, @joybringer1

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I'll try the mens underwear; I have a drawer full of panties I can't wear, and keep trying to find some I can use. The most comfortable garment I have is a soft, cotton knit pair of lounge pants, very full in the legs and crotch . I am trying to find more of this style. The problem is newer ones, unlike this old pair, have big, lumpy seams, uncomforable because of the sharp, scratchy thread and are too tight. I can't wear tight fitting anything. Am trying to find skirts that aren't too short or youthful . Does the druggist determine the formula for the compounded lidocaine or the dermatologist? Can you use it daily, long term ? I looked at OTC 4% lidocaine product and the directions said not to use on irritated or swollen skin so I didn't get it. But I need to find something for this constant discomfort. I agree about need for research and more effective solutions. I refer to rxlist.com on the pros and cons of drugs; too often the negatives push me into a limbo stage of doing nothing, which is very not good.