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I am having a hard time understanding why so many are getting off Effexor/Ven. If it is helping you why would you go want to go off it ?? Unless your doctor has prescribed something else he thinks would be better for you ???
I am currently taking 300 mg.

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For me, it is the side effects, some of which I only just realized were a result of this drug. It was too long ago that I first read the list of negative effects, and when I did, I did not think most would apply to me. I blamed constipation on calcium supplements, when it was Effexor. I would have periodic dizziness and occasional spells of chest spasms, irregular heartbeat, profuse sweating and feeling faint--which used to be quite scary; now I know it's this drug. The reason I know it's the drug is because I went two months over the summer without it, after weaning myself off (too quickly), and felt great until crushing anxiety and depression hit. I went back on 37.5 mg instead of my former 75. I feel better, but not good. Now I just want to be rid of it because I don't like what it has changed in me. Had I been placed on the drug for anxiety or depression (instead of hot flashes), I might feel differently. Still, I'd rather have been placed on a drug that is not one of if not the most difficult to discontinue--perhaps an SSRI instead of an SNRI. It was a mistake made by my gynecologist many years ago (before we googled everything); I hope these drugs are no longer prescribed for any "off-label" use.

Hello! I am in the process of going off Effexor XR. I have been on it for about 18 years, and honestly, it did not help my depression, and I gained 90 pounds in about 18 months without changing my diet. Over the past few years, I have noticed a variety of health issues. I started googling Effexor and thyroid cyst. Effexor and hypothalamus issues. Effexor and anemia. Effexor and REM sleep behavior issues. Effexor and periodic limb movement disorder. Effexor and inability to lose weight. On, and on, and on. All of the issues I googled, and more, all have studies linking them to Effexor.

I have read too many horror stories about the drug to mention, and even more horror stories about people who have tried to come off it, and have been unsuccessful.

I started at 300 mg, and I am now 68.25. From what I know, the worst may be yet to come. In my opinion, it is an awful medication.

I wish you the very best, and hope your experience is better than mine.

No medication is perfect is meant to be taken over a lifetime, unless as in my case & others like it, that medication is the best we have right now to take over for an absent or malfunctioning organ like a thyroid gland or high blood pressure. Like you, 30 years ago, I was prescribed an anti-depressant that I thought was necessary to take for the rest of my life. I failed to heed the warning of a family friend/physician who advised me to watch carefully how my body, mind, & spirit responded OVER TIME to these psychotropic meds. Since I failed to heed his warning, I threw away all these meds. with disastrous results: almost losing my sanity, job, home. Just 4 years ago, a former psychopharmacology professor turned psychologist suggested that I be weaned off venlafaxine gradually with the help of a holistic psychiatrist who understands the role of spirituality in mental health throughout our lifetime. Thanks to this therapist & finding such a psychiatrist over the last 4 years, I accept full responsibility for partnering with all health practitioners in whatever prescriptions they write for me. As a result of these changes in my attitude toward all health practitioners, I have so far been successfully weaned off all mood-altering meds., take only Synthroid & 2 low-dosage hypertension meds. to help my body address the loss of a thyroid gland from cancer 52 years ago & the family tendency toward hypertension. I'm also a faithful member of Al-Anon for the past 36.5 years - an awesome source of inner & outer peace. Thank you for your question. My life journey has taught me over & over again to listen to my body, heart, spirit rather than assume that all docs know what's best for me. In God & 12-Step spirituality I trust, not docs who prescribe drugs willy nilly. But for the grace of God, I could have died just like any other patient who made a doc their God instead of their Creator.