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Hi, it took me 4 yrs to titrate down & off from 75mg V. I have been off for 1 year. The issues you have had are seemingly commonplace, as the lower the titrated dose, the more extreme are the w/drawl effects. So, giving up is tempting. Even after a year after stopping, they persist in my case. I have read such (post cessation) effects can "wax & wane" for a very long time, but do (eventually), become less debilitating & frequent. Having said that, everyone is different and these (withdrawal) symptoms reportedly vary wildly. It seems nearly half of people on VEN / EFFEXOR get varying degrees of withdrawal effects.

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Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply,you have given me hope!.
I'm going to stop this medication vert very slowly this time. I've removed.just one pellet from 18 inside the extended release capsule for 14 days and tomorrow I'll remove 2 for 2/3 weeks and see if I can do it slowly that way.
Youre right about withdrawal symptoms lasting for months if not years once the drug is stopped.
I've a bad feeling.that Venlafaxine 225mg for 12 years has caused me to develop Dystonia and possibly Stiff person Syndrome.