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Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself

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Thanks, all of you. Jim, I will ask my doc about Imipram. I was given morphine once, it gave me a blinding headache and put me to sleep – no euphoria that's for sure. I have had codeine cough syrup and codeine tablets, I take 1/2 the recommended dosage and go right to sleep – no euphoria with that either. I can take 1/2 of a Tramadol during the day, it doesn't make me sleepy or any kind of high, just dulls the pain so I can get on with my life. Lori, I will also ask doc if I can try the lowest dose of digestible CBD oil possible. I had a terrible reaction to pot (in the 70's) and I don't know which ingredient in the pot caused it. I tried the cbd cream, did nothing. Lioness, I have been to the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, I will look online for their cbd tea. Anything is worth trying – the condition is advancing so quickly in me that my prescriptions are constantly changing. It's wearing me out – it's a full time job just keeping track of all my medicines and when they are due. Humana Insurance just started requiring patients to make 4 trips to the pharmacy to pick up Tramadol – they will only pay for 7 tablets at a time. Peggy

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If you don't mind me asking…why do you only take 1/2 tramadol? Doesn't sound like it causes side effects. Might a whole go father for your pain?
Just asking as my goal is to get off hydrocodone but exploring back up, safe, affordable options.

Thanks for any input.

@pfbacon The website is http://www.baar.com the catalogue is in Cayce Care at Edgar Cayce. I like the tea they also have drops and a cream that is more then I can afford its 90.00 I'm going for a cup of tea now as the pain is starting to get bad.


Hi, Peggy. Humana is my supplemental prescription insurance, and I order almost exclusively from their mail order pharmacy – Humana Pharmacy. I no longer have to go to the doctor's office to pick up a paper prescription and go to the pharmacy and hand them the scrip. My doctors just order on their computers while I'm sitting there, and a 90 day supply is mailed. My controlled substance meds only come every 30 days, and I send the doctor a request for a refill online. It's a great improvement over the drama of making all the phone calls and trips to town and sit and wait at the doctor's office and the pharmacy.