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Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself

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I feel I need to say something about opioids and antidepressants. They don't make a person"euphoric". I've been taking both for a long time, and I definitely have never experienced anything that is close to euphoria.

If a person who has chronic (also called clinical or major) depression is taking an antidepressant, the medication helps to level out the mood. Bipolar depression and bipolar disorder are another subject. Medication helps to make the mood swings that go from dark depression to a hyper, manic high, level out so the downs don't go as far down and the high doesn't get to a manic episode.

I've been taking a fairly low dose of morphine sulfate contin for several years now, specifically for the neuropathy pain, and it has helped take the edge off the pain. I stopped taking it yesterday because I started a new medication that seems to be helping a lot. My hope is that the Imipram will treat the pain enough so I can get off opioids. I've willingly taken it because it's the only medication that has treated my pain without unacceptable side effects.

Just wanted to add my two cents worth.


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Thanks, all of you. Jim, I will ask my doc about Imipram. I was given morphine once, it gave me a blinding headache and put me to sleep – no euphoria that's for sure. I have had codeine cough syrup and codeine tablets, I take 1/2 the recommended dosage and go right to sleep – no euphoria with that either. I can take 1/2 of a Tramadol during the day, it doesn't make me sleepy or any kind of high, just dulls the pain so I can get on with my life. Lori, I will also ask doc if I can try the lowest dose of digestible CBD oil possible. I had a terrible reaction to pot (in the 70's) and I don't know which ingredient in the pot caused it. I tried the cbd cream, did nothing. Lioness, I have been to the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, I will look online for their cbd tea. Anything is worth trying – the condition is advancing so quickly in me that my prescriptions are constantly changing. It's wearing me out – it's a full time job just keeping track of all my medicines and when they are due. Humana Insurance just started requiring patients to make 4 trips to the pharmacy to pick up Tramadol – they will only pay for 7 tablets at a time. Peggy