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May I ask: How many drops of CBD do you do, and did you start with one drop and go up from there? It makes you 'punchy'? Like marijuana makes people high? I'm considering trying just one drop – scary for me – I had a bad reaction to pot when I tried it in college (in the 70's, statute of limitations is up). The pain in my feet is breaking through the lyrica and gabapentin and I'm at maximum doses of those; I don't want narcotics or anything that might make me sleepy, so, the pain doc and I are discussing the options. I'm okay with 1/2 of a Tramadol, nothing else I've tried works. Peggy

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I think you should read a lot more on CBD a sure way off base. You don't get high from CBD and the benefits are outstanding. You should smoke marijuana it would also help you calm your nerves and sleep better as well as pain control. I've been doing it over 40 years and I'm suppressing of a large corporation. CNN has special on this just this past week and look it up. Take Tramadol/APAP


The CBD doesn't make you euphoric. It's the THC that gives the high. You can use it in food – there are websites that have tons of recipes. I made fudge with cannabutter. Melt the butter, grind the cannabis and let it simmer in the butter for a couple of hours, then use it in cooking and baking. I made batches of fudge with it but it tasted too much like weed. If I were to make butter again, I'd simmer it in a crock pot in the garage, so it doesn't smell up the house.

I've never tried the oil. I understand that it's pretty expensive, as is any medical marijuana. The dispensaries here in Oregon can sell it, but you can only get a very small amount per day, which isn't enough to do anything. If you have a green card from a doctor, you can get a lot more. The hemp market is being swamped here, with fields of it from 1 acre to thousands. Word was that a company is working toward setting up a processing facility in our town.

Others have written posts in this discussion that are from better informed than I.


@pfbacon CBD drops are an utter life saver for my severe foot neuropathy. Gabapentin, very high dose, did nothing to help. I take a dropper full of CBD oil and hold it under my tongue for about 30 seconds. Utterly fantastic stuff. Also, the best, a CBD salve on my feet. Amazing stuff, but only lasts an hour or so, so I need to reapply. If you want the names of the companies I buy from, let me know. I buy right on line, from two different companies. The one that makes the drops is third party tested, and the company has won awards. The oil I buy only contains .03% or less THC, so you absolutely do not get high. Let me know if you want info. Good luck, Lori Renee

This is a very interesting topic to me also as I am beginning to deal with fairly extensive feet pain, especially in one foot and I am not excited about the thoughts of the Lyrica, Gabapentin route. I cannot use CBD with THC as I am drug tested at work, but is there any effectiveness known for CBE oil or balm without it?