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Epilepsy or seizure disorder? Why stroke?

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Hi Chris, I've tried reducing gluten and didn't see any impact, I have all of the other triggers you mention (except the obvious menstruation}.

One thing that helped me with public speaking was an article that quoted Bob Hope when asked if he was nervous going on stage, his response was everyone gets nervous speaking in public. Don't let being nervous stress you out, it means you're normal.

Worrying about having a seizure in a stressful situation can in itself cause enough stress to bring on a seizure. I went to a funeral of a very close friend recently and very concerned with having a seizure during his service, fortunately nothing happened.

My biggest worry is having a seizure in front of my kids and grandkids.

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Hi @tonyde
Great to have news from you. I understand that to really see the benefits of this diet (gluten-free diet), one has to be 100% gluten-free. I sometimes have eaten something with gluten by mistake, having a seizure after it.
I have been learning to deal better with things that make me nervous and bring me fear. Fear by itself can also be a trigger to seizures. Thankfully, nothing happened during this funeral you went. The last time I went to my new hairdresser, I told him about my epilepsy and my occasional seizures. He was so comforting that the fear of having a seizure was gone and nothing happened. Telling people that you have epilepsy and that you might have a seizure occasionally can reduce much this fear. Have you spoken about your epilepsy with your kids? Perhaps the grandkids are still too young to understand it.
As to public speaking, thankfully I do not need to do it anymore 🙂
Have a nice afternoon!
Chris (Santosha)