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Suss53; I have one of those conditions too (old age) and am trying to learn to slow things down. Like you, I'm tired of trying to convince my GP that I probably have LC (although I have about 7 or 8 of the cardinal symptoms). I know I've read/learned a lot more than she has, since it's been my research project for months. Also, I've been accepted into a LC Clinic as of 4/1/24, no thanks to her. Now she wants me to get more tests and seems to be focusing on my heart ... although EEG/ECG's, etc. result in the need for more tests and not much else. This pacing thing (mental and physical) is hard to learn but seems to be the only thing that works for me. Gradually feeling less ill, after positive Covid dx ten months ago. Thanks for your suggestion... just trying to live your life and enjoy it. For me that includes lots of music (Classical WFMT in Chicago), time to finally read the books and magazines piling up, hanging out with a 10-year old grandchild... tonight the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, with Vince Guaraldi's music. Let's just keep on keeping on...

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Yrs, I used to take my grandkids to the zoo, bowling, and other outings. Now, I’ve shifted to the park, movies, lunch out, and less output activities. Also staying home playing board games is fun for all of us. They’ve understood the shift and are just happy to “spend time together.”