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Pain with tight clothes and & IBS

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I am relatively young , will turn 40 in a few weeks 😃.I don't wear tight clothes for the sake of appearance, but I need to wear some tightly fitting leggings or shorts under my regular clothe to warm me in the cold weather. The bra causes pain in upper abdomen just below the ribs, and the leggings or pants cause pain in middle part, at the level of bellybutton. I feel like there is something squeezing inside and some feeling of (bubbles), and the pain frequently radiates to my upper/mid back. Sometimes I need to burp a lot to partially relieve this pain, particularly the pain in the upper part.

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And have you had a medical
Work up?

I have pain like this too when wearing tight clothes. I attribute it to
My gallbladder. Maybe you could size up so the leggings aren’t quite as tight. Or wear fleece lined pants. But I know nothing about extreme cold because I live where it only freezes a handful of time a year

Have exactly the same problem. I have IBS flares. Never had problems with tight clothing when younger, but now in my 70's, giving up on skinny jeans. So glad to see the looser fitting clothing. Some days I can wear them, but others I can't stand anything binding. Bras sometimes cause the same problem you stated. I buy the most comfortable ones I can find. I wonder, do you feel " puffier" when you are having the most discomfort? It could be water retention??I can notice a real difference when I sit down and the soft tissues are squeezed. I am slender by the way, but clothes can feel great until you sit down and they cut in. I really don't know the answer, but am opting out of tight clothes and sizing up....yeah baggy jeans!!! Not just for teens!!!!