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Question about PMR pain locations

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@john In a lot of pain today. Tapering down to 6.5 but upped it to 7 and no relief. I have worked so hard to get down to 6. Prednisone has led to high diabetic numbers which I am being treated for. Should I go higher like 10? Hate to do it, though.

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Hi Mary @marymckeith, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with additional pain. You mentioned in an earlier post that your doctor sent you to a rheumatologist who thought you had RA. Just wondering if they no longer think you have PMR? If it were me and the pain started when I dropped to a lower dose of prednisone, I would try going back to the previous dose to see if my pain went away or even try going up 1/2 of the amount I tapered down instead of going all the way back to my previous dose. Tapering off of prednisone is different for each of us which is one of the reasons I think it's important to keep a daily log with the dose you are taking along with your level of pain when you first get up in the morning before taking the dose for the day. You might want to give your rheumatologist a call and have a quick conversation about your symptoms.