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Question about PMR pain locations

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How did you manage to keep dietary calcium intake high on a vegan diet? Women especially suffer bone loss with prednisone, so dietary calcium to limit bone loss (rather than calcium supplements which can cause other problems) is essential. Animal protein is also important to help with prednisone muscle deterioration.

I agree that removing processed vegetable/seed oils is a good health move - extra virgin olive oil only for me - and most people benefit from removing gluten too, but so many essential vitamins and nutrients come from animal sources. A vegan diet requires taking way too many supplements for me.

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With proper planning and eating the right things you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need on a Vegan diet. I take a multivitamin, curcumin, and buffered vitamin C. Suffering bone density loss is something that is different for all of us and the best way to understand this as an individual is get a bone density scan. This problem solves itself when you being to taper to lower doses. It is the same with protein and muscle loss. You can run from it but you can't hide. The goal is to heal the stomach, create a healthy gut biome and this is done much easier without animal protein (Fat), acidic foods, gluten, dairy, alcohol, coffee, and anything inflammatory. Personally I did this for 5 months and recently have added back in fish, eggs, olive oil, and chicken. Sparingly at this point. I'm at 6 mg now after 190 days on prednisone. Everyone needs to do what is right for them I would urge people to research this more and not just listen to a rhuem. One great resrouce is Clint Paddison. He has a full program for healing for RA but the sample principles can be applied to PMR.

Regarding calcium intake on a vegan diet, you can get all you need from cuciferous vegetables and many leafy greens. I am a registered dietitian and the only supplement that is essential on a vegan diet would be B12, as far as I know. That said, I also take turmeric and omega-3's on a daily basis. These help fight inflammation.