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Hello my name is frank I am 56 57 in a few days.I have had lower back pain for many years was able to work until June of 2016 was out of work for about a year before surgery in 2017 when I had surgery fusion of L5 down.it didn't help so now dealing with more pain .I am in pain management.I know their is no magic pill so hoping just talking with people in the same boat will help.

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Welcome Frank!!
I feel your pain!!!! I am sorry that the fusion surgery did not work. Has your surgeon given you any other alternatives?
I have issues all up and down my spine and I have lived in constant pain for about 10 years.
At the end of February 2018, after years and years of taking shots (and lots of other interventions that didn't work), I realized that surgery was my only next step.
My pain management doctor really didn't agree with me and he thought there was more he could do for me, but nothing had been working over the last 3 shots he gave me.
Anyway, I found an excellent neurosurgeon. I decided I didn't want a orthopedic surgeon to work on my spine even though many specialize in it.
I was given 2 choices, a fusion or replacement of C5/6.
I was told that a fusion does not always work and because of the weight of it, I would need more fusion surgeries down my spine in the future.
I chose to have my C5/6 replaced with artificial discs. I was told that it does not work for everyone although the failure rate is very, very low and in his experience, he had only 1 paitent that it did not work for.
I was told that if the surgery failed, then a fusion would be the next step.
I suppose I am telling you all this because there might be something else that can be done or someone else who can do it.
Don't give up. YOu are too young and you want to have a quality of life.

Hang in there!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)