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New Daily Persistent Headache began November 13, 2017. The pain range has been 6-9 and never-ending since that time. Have been treated at Mayo Clinic in Family Medicine, Neurology, Infectious Diseases, Physical Therapy, Urology, Cardiology, Audiology, Internal Medicine, Employee and Community Health, Integrated Community Specialties, Opthamology (sic), Radiology, and perhaps a few other departments I can't recall. I have received acupuncture from the Mayo Clinic and from a private practitioner. I have received chiropractic care and ultrasound. I have tried a cephaly device through the Clinic Store.. I have had a lumbar puncture to test my spinal fluid. I have had cortisone injections to block my occipital (sic) nerves. I have had two dental exams and an exam from a dentist specializing in TMJ/head and neck pain. I have had my furnace checked for carbon monoxide. OTC medications have included tylenol, aleve, ibuprofin, allegra, aspirin, salonpas patches, pseuphedrine, dietary supplements, cremes/lotions. Prescription medications have included tylenol with codeine, neurontin, doxycycline, several different antibiotics, nortryptiline, cymbalta. Have tried hot showers, cold showers, ice packs, heating pads. I practice mindfulness, muscle relaxation, biofeedback. I practice principles of cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive therapy, social rhythms therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy. I practice the principles of Emotions Anonymous. I pray and turn my life over to God every morning. I have missed church, community education programs, symphony concerts, funerals, parties. I have not traveled outside my home state of Minnesota for over a year. My quality of life has suffered greatly. My wife's quality of life has suffered greatly. The only time I do not feel a headache (all over, tingling, pulsing, reverberating, pounding, dull, aching pain including teeth and ears and eyes accompanied by sound and sight sensitivities) is when I am asleep, so I sleep — a lot. I am aware I may just be starting out on this journey. Any suggestions/recommendations would be most gratefully received. Thank you. Oh, have been approved for medical cannabis, too. No results.

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I am at a loss for words! It sounds like you have been very proactive. I don't see a diagnosis. What is going on with your wife? She certainly has been tested up one side and down the other. I can only imagine how the quality of life has suffered.

I wish I had words of wisdom to offer.

Bless you both…..
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

Please don't take what I am about to say the wrong way, I am very sincere in my desire to help. You said you pray and turn your life over to God on a daily basis. If you TRULY turn your life over to God you should not have to repeat it every day. Now, having said that, the next time, try letting go and letting God handle it 100%. My granddaughter suffers from headaches, hers is caused by having a sumo tumor. Nothing works for her either except having a spinal tap to relieve the pressure. Have you been checked for this disorder? Also, have you considered your medication? It could be one or more of the medications you are taking could use a change in the dose or you could be having a reaction to one or more of your meds. Have you been tested for allergies? if not, please consider doing that. Something is obviously causing your pain, medicine is a practice of the process of elimination, it sounds like you have done a lot to find something to ease your pain but leave no stone unturned in finding the cause. It could be such a small thing that is at the root of your problem, something as small as a single food allergy can reek havoc in one's life, Or, an allergy to the dye used in foods and materials can be the culprit. And like it or not it could all boil down to being psychosomatic. Stress, depression, and anxiety are no stranger to chronic pain, making the situation worse. I see where you have tried a multitude of self-help techniques and none were successful. I personally, use help healing, prayer, and mind over matter which has helped me with my pain. Self-help is not for everyone, you need to be very dedicated and you need to be totally open about it. Believe strongly in what you are doing, pick one technique and stick with it. One that you can be completely dedicated to. Keep the faith, work your self-help program, and get tested for allergies and have your Dr. evaluate your medication. I wish you all the blessings that God brings you, and know I will remember you in my prayers.