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I am almost 5 months out from my TKR, and until two weeks ago I also had a tight band. I was told that it was my IT band. What I wasn't told was what was causing it. I finally met a wonderful and knowledgeable therapist/personal trainer who explained that I was causing the pain and tightness because I was limping. My gait was so off it was causing inflamation in my IT band. She put me back on my cane corrected my gait, improved my extension with passive motion, and improved my flexion from 90 degrees to 115 degrees all in less than 4 weeks! And miracles of miracles, the pain and tightness around my knee is now almost nonexistent! All of this with passive motion exercises so I didn't create more inflammation that caused the pain and scar tissue.

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Great Story! Never give up and try a different sort of treatment. Thanks for sharing.

That's amazing! Good for you. I'm learning through my 2nd procedure after TKR on my left knee that it's all about the stretch. I know we all know that everything is connected but it really is : ) It's not just getting the knee to bend but stretching the muscles from the hip to the toes. With that being said I better go exercise and stretch!