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Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) over diagnosis?

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@ ozelli:
You are probably right, I’m still in the “denial/minimization” phase of the diagnosis.

That said, I have learned and implemented an immense amount information regarding the contribution of diet and exercise to overall prostate health, in a very short time.

I’ve been a researcher for 45 years and prostate health and its disease have become my latest research project 🙂

At this point, my plan is to do exactly as you indicate. The last 2 months of my life have seen a whirlwind of change and, surprisingly, they have been for the good (besides weight loss, local joint inflammation issues have vanished).

I enjoy my new diet; along with the increase to 10 miles/week of running exercise.

So the first benchmark will be my 3 month PSA result. If it continues to increase, along with the subsequent 6 month PSA result, then I will feel I’ve done everything possible to slow the progression via diet/exercise and it’s time to get serious regarding some type of treatment.

However, I need to move in my current direction to assure myself that treatment is really necessary (in my case) and to determine if there may be another way to address my particular situation.

Thanks for your comment!

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What really put me off having immediate treatment when my psa hit 12 was a fear of ED and to a lesser degree, incontinence. My fears as it turned out were overblown and I haven’t had any ED issues as yet. No urinary issues either. That may be a function of age (I am 62 and chose proton beam therapy).
Good luck with everything.