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Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) over diagnosis?

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@bjroc: Thanks for the helpful post! Your experience with an “under read” MRI is interesting. I asked my doc whether I should get a 2nd opinion on my MRI, AFTER receiving the results of my biopsy.

This all happened quite fast, if had known how “operator sensitive” MRI readings can be, I may have waited before getting my biopsy.

Getting a PIRADS 5 lesion report made me think the worst…only to find it was Gleason 3 + 3.

Of course, I’m thankful it wasn’t worse. I decided to go with AS and have significantly changed my diet and upped my exercise routine. I have already lost 8 lbs since I started 5 weeks ago.

Now I’m waiting for a 2nd opinion on the biopsy, a Decipher analysis of the biopsy cores and my first PSA result, which will be taken 3 months after my biopsy.

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We started the same Pirads 5 and a 3+3, I hope you end there with all the stuff you are doing. Perhaps the contrast dye stops working well in some people or who knows what happened after my original, just I know enough to not trust these contrast MRI as speaking for me now. At one time I found there are like 5 makers of MRI contrast, maybe some are better and some are not so good. Hard to say that will happen to you, but it is possible. I always had 3 T MRI, but the weak point for me seems to be the contrast dye not the MRI machine. The MRI machine picks up what I have on diffusion weighted, so the machine is picking things up.

Just some other thoughts....I didn't find Decipher that useful, interesting but not that useful. Sometimes the differing genetic tests disagree too because they look at some differing SNP's. I still had decipher though. Also on biopsy second opinions, not too sure on that without Epstein anymore. Not sure I would opt for what is out there, seemed like some political grabs took over prostate biopsy second opinions and I had enough politics at work (now retired) to last a lifetime so no need for more.