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Well, I can see the need. Let's take this to the point of view of the testing center. In this age of lets sue everyone for malpractice you will be surprised how a little thing can become a big thing quickly. Ill take this opportunity to tell you about the beginning of my journey to Heart Transplant. It began with a Flu Bug that I kind of ignored longer than I should have. I went to urgent care one week early in the week. The doctor suggested seeing a cardiologist soon and put me on the 5 day antibiotics pack they call it. My main symptoms was regular flu symptoms plus what I thought was major congestion. I would feel a bit out of breath when I laid down. So after a few sleepless nights I started sleeping sitting up as I could breathe easier. Plus taking a decongestant to hopefully breathe easier.
Well by Sunday that week I could not lay down at all and decided I needed to go to the ER. Well that started a chain of events which I ended up with a pacemaker and a enlarged Heart. The reason I was having trouble breathing was that fluid had built up around my Heart and Lungs. Which with the heart pushing against the fluid caused the enlargement. The one muscle you don't want large is the heart muscle. Plus, I found out its actually easier to breath sitting up than lying down. well after about 10 years of ablations, medication, difibulator shocks etc My heart was beyond help and I had a transplant. The reason I mention this is if I had taken the urgent care doctor more seriously, I may still have my original heart. I was more concerned about missing work ( I had just started a new job I loved) than doing what I should have and seen a cardiologist sooner. I did make an appointment but ended up in the Trama center before the appointment day arrived.
Please know I hope your fine and it all works out, but as they say Hine-sight is 20-20. BTW the cost of the transplant & 1 year of appointments cost my insurance company almost 1 million Dollors. That does not include the 2 pacemakers, 8 ablations and appointments 4 times a year for the 10 years leading up to it. Thank God for Insurance but either way my cost was not cheap either. at a guess about 35,000 for the transplant, each ablation was about 2000 out of pocket. I would have gone to the Hospital.

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Thank you for your response. The angiogram was ordered by my excellent cardiologist as the next step toward a Medicare and insurance supported path. My age, family history, and increasing symptoms led me to pursue this course.

I believe this pursuit has identified the need early enough to avoid more serious damage to my heart. My heart is strong, my lungs are clear, and although I have not had any more serious symptoms, it is my hope that bypass surgery and continued diet and lifestyle monitoring will extend my heart health for a number of years.
Living healthy into our 70s is a full time permanent job.