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Good morning Jim. My circumstances are similar to yours. I have surgery scheduled in 2 weeks at Mayo with Dr. Tollefson. I am still not totally comfortable with this decision. What made you finally decide to on this option rather than radiation ?

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ozback11, I did research on all the options and talked with several people who went through the prostate cancer journey. I also had two uncles that had prostate cancer. One was in his late 70's and had a lot of other issues that were going to end his life prior to PC - Thus, he went with watchful waiting. The other uncle did not catch the prostate cancer until it had metastasized to his bones, and he ultimately died from PC.

In the end, a radical prostatectomy aligned with my personal goals and expectations for life going forward. Being 57 and retired for less than two years, I wanted a treatment plan that gave me the best possible chance for 30+ years of prostate cancer free life. A radical prostatectomy is the most invasive option, but is the only treatment plan that removes the entire prostate that has confirmed cancerous cells (I had the prostate, seminal vesicles, and nine lymph nodes removed). Other treatment plans try to kill all the PC cells, but rely on imperfect imaging tools to direct the treatment. Also, a RP allows for a complete pathology to be performed after the surgery. For myself, this was very important. I wanted to know that all the known cancer was addressed/removed. I am a relist, cancer is cancer, and you never know if it will come back. This brings up another advantage of the radical prostatectomy - If the PC comes back, radiation can be used, but a RP cannot easily be performed after radiation.

I had a Gleason Score of 7 (4/3) and could not even imagine going with watchful waiting. Waiting for the cancer to metastasize just did not make sense to me. If I was in my mid 80's and had other underlying conditions, watchful waiting could have been an option.

It sounds like you have done your research and picked a center of excellence for your surgery. For myself, Mayo-Rochester was amazing and I could not be happier with the doctor and support staff. The recovery was not that bad, except for the first week with the catheter. After the catheter was removed, everything was went so much better. Also, referred shoulder pain was quite uncomfortable for the first few days.

Good luck and praying all goes well with your surgery!!


72/73 RP @ Johns Hopkins Aug 2022
Recovery excellent
I wanted all identifiable cancer removed.
With salvage tx as a backup.
And I did require salvage tx radiation together with short term ADT
1st post salvage tx PSA < 0.02 undetectable reported 1 week ago.
Obviously praying and hoping for long term undetectable PSA
It's a war with PCa and I wanted all available weapons.
Good luck and best wishes.