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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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The Mayo MN GI team is the best... While I have been in FL a lot.. I do not know of the reputation of the U of FL Shands hospital..a second opinion is always good.. but must be backed up with tests, data, and logic...

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Thank you! Shands is one of the best in the world for pancreas transplants. Since my gastroenterologist here hasn't run any test's since I have had gastroparesis and chronic pancreatitis and I am so much worse I need someone who will do test's and procedures and explain why I am so much worse. My doctor gives me a celiac block every 2 months to my pancreas and does biopsies of my barrett's esophagus and esophagus. But I can't help but believe that my pancreatitis and gastroparesis and malabsorption and my thyroid and b12 are all connected to each other. I take b12 injection every week and thyroid medication daily. Now they found at Mayo in Jacksonville neurology that I have 2 types of neuropathy also. I need someone to be able to try to help me, not just keep giving me injections and tell me I'm at the end and done without even running some tests.