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Eyelashes Never Grew Back After Chemo

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Has anyone tried Latisse (bimatoprost) for regrowth after chemo? Looks like it may have potential.


60-yo male here. My eyelashes and eyebrows have completely fallen out w/ chemo for pancreatic cancer. No hope for my eyes or my scalp unless I switch chemo regimens, but it's a tradeoff I'm OK with while chemo seems to be working.

There might also be a use for "LDOM" (Low-dose oral minoxidil) -- basically Rogaine back in its original formulation as an oral blood pressure med, but at much lower doses. It has gotten some good reports for hair regrowth on the scalp; might help w/ eyelashes & brows. Might be counterproductive if still on a systemic chemo -- if it improves blood flow the hair follicle, it might also deliver more damage (chemo) there as well.

I assume a hair loss specialist would have more detailed, up to date info.

Best wishes to all of you!

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Replies to "Has anyone tried Latisse (bimatoprost) for regrowth after chemo? Looks like it may have potential. https://www.verywellhealth.com/using-latisse-for-chemotherapy-induced-eyelash-loss-513902#:~:text=For%20those%20who%20have%20lost,for%20eyelash%20growth%20and%20darkening...."

I lost my lashes and brows during Taxol infusions. They eventually came back and I even had a double row of lashes for a very short time. Then the lashes thinned to what they had been before treatment and I began using generic Latisse. You need a prescription and I recommend using Good Rx app or website to get the best price.

Best wishes, Cindy

I’m seeing a dermatologist soon; I will ask about Latisse! I assumed it wouldn’t be covered by insurance since it’s “cosmetic,” but maybe because I lost my lashes because of chemo, a cancer diagnosis code may get them to cover it. Thanks!