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TIRAD 4 and worried

Thyroid Cancer | Last Active: Nov 22, 2023 | Replies (12)

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I would definitely get a second opinion. When I found out that I had a nodule on accident as well, and I did have a biopsy, thankfully, as they saw as the primary diagnosis Oncocytic (Hurthle Cell) Neoplasm and are only able to tell you if it is cancerous by taking out the tumor and putting it through pathology. That was in May, 2023. I went ahead and got three opinions on my surgery and decided to go with the surgeon who recommended taking out the whole thyroid (total thyroidectomy) and several lymph nodes behind the thyroid that cannot be seen on an ultrasound for lymph node mapping. I also had Hashimotos's and she said it should help those symptoms as well. Additionally, she did not recommend I wait too long to get the surgery as these types of cells can spread through the blood vessels and not always to the lymph nodes first. The other two surgeons were only wanting to take out half and then go back for the other half if it was cancerous, and actually couldn't do the surgery until late August and September. As well, they were not able to do the surgery for at least 3 months! I am glad I went with the TT and the surgery sooner than later as it did end up bein Oncocytic HC Carcinoma which they said is only found in 3-5% of malignancies. I believe you know your body best and if your gut is telling you not to wait, which mine was too, then don't and find someone who is willing to help you get to the bottom of the situation sooner. As well, I have a few questionable spots on my lung and liver, however, they are thinking the liver is cysts, and we are repeating a CT scan this December for the lung to see if anything has changed. I am currently doing the rest of my follow up through Mayo Clinic, and will follow through with any treatment plans most likely local to my home. I wish you the best and encourage you to ask questions, find second opinions and utilize this platform for additional information and possibly referrals.

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thank you -your response was really helpful. I'll see what my doctor says tomorrow.