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Sarcoma of nasal cavity - any input?

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Hello @prettyflower and welcome. You are probably at this point saying “Yikes!!!!”. As this sarcoma is addressed the treatment will be adjusted as more information is obtained. The cell structure and sub type will be determined by surgical biopsy which in turn helps determine post surgery treatments. Chemo without radiation or vise versa may be the direction.
Try as I have, my bugle can’t get the notes for funeral Taps since my lower left side lip has no nerve feeling. But there are new things I do now so life goes on.
Make sure your husband gets a good team of surgeons who have experience in this specific situation. Don’t settle or be steered by some cowboy who will give it a try. Large cancer centers or clinics like Mayo have people who work as a team and have experience in just about every imaginable situation when it comes to cancer surgery and treatment. The decision is yours, not the local hospital. Do what is best for the patient.
Let’s see where your discussion here on Connect leads. This is an excellent place to start so again, welcome.

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@hrhwilliam Thank you so much for the encouragement. We are in Louisville, Kentucky where health care education and systems reign. I have felt confident so far. My husband's rhinologist/surgeon said the tumor board has 3 doctors experienced in sarcoma treatment. It's funny -- we don't feel threatened by the cancer itself since it is localized and other stats I've seen show favorable outcomes. It's the side effects of treatments and risks of the surgery that have us spooked. I suppose that's normal.