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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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My dentist is the one who brought it to my attention. I am merely stating
my opinion based on my research. I am in a different place than a lot of
people as I don't tolerate medications of any kind very well. Quality of
life is more important to me than length of life. We are all different and
need to respect that.

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This is such a difficult decision to make. I opted not to take Anastrozole due to side effects and due to the fact that I have had a spinal compression fracture and many dental issues. Now 4 years later I have a 100% positive estrogen and 100 % positive progesterone new tumor in my other breast.
So, did I make the right decision to not take the Anastrozole? All we can do is to try to make the best decision that we can based on our own individual circumstances.

@whr of course any decision anyone makes needs to be respected. But what we post in forums is read by many. I am very sensitive to meds and tried to get on osteoporosis meds for years, without success. The consequence of that is 7 spinal fractures which, believe me, affect my quality of life. Forteo and Tymlos do not affect dental health. Many dentists seem not to know that. Reclast, Fozamax, Prolia and to some extent Evenity do have the potential to cause jaw necrosis and other dental issues.

I customized Tymlos with its adjustable pen and my doc will do a 20% dose of Reclast, at least as a test dose, due to my sensitivities and health conditions.

Again, I respect everyone's choices but also encourage folks at risk of fracture to consider individualizing treatment to make it at least tolerable. My hips are still low density so I am going to buy hip pads- another way to go!

Getting back to aromatase inhibitors: I did letrozole (brand name Femara actually) for 5 years. Docs recommended 7-10 years but I did the Breast Cancer Index test that told me there was no further benefit. I got the paperwork myself off the Internet and gave to doc to sign. Now it is part of the NCCN guidelines. Again, individualize treatment if possible!