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Hi @aigerimkabulova. Just some reassurance in this daunting time. I am 2 yr post covid with now suspected small vessel vasculitis and my daughter is over 5 yrs suspected dysautonomia. Both of us suffer from left temple stabbing, constant, everchanging pain with vision changes. Many tests/labs including brain mri’s with contrast and no diagnosis. Whether its a predisposition genetically, brain lesions, small mass, or coincidence, we both have dealt with the challenges living with it in our own ways. We are still finding happy moments and living life to the fullest as we can while seeking help to lessen/prevent symptoms. Whether its food, stress, environment, lack of previous body movements, there are a lot of simple things to help maneuver thru Speech Therapy(not just speech 🙃), Physical Therapy to help vision and strengthen/change other areas to alleviate head pain, breathing techniques and nutrition changes to calm nervous system and reduce stress on blood vessels, and really being mindful of daily activities to adjust not overdoing by saying “I need to not do this to feel better later”. Not trivializing and each of us has responsibilities to maneuver so this is a patient and selfish in best way process. My daughter has gone from constant ER visits, hospital stays, and a life revolving around medical appts to now knowing certain triggers to avoid and helpful daily living routines to soak up the best of everyday! Hope this helped 🌈

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Thanks a lot for your support! Wishing you and your daughter all the best!❤️