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Thank you for your kind words.

Please know that I do not have “amazing inner strength”. I have done horrible things to those I love and for years wanted to escape my consciousness by killing myself.

I’m just an average sixty year old white guy who was and is desperate enough to ask questions.

Venlafaxine and other psych meds do not alter the brain slightly the effect of these medications go beyond anything that science fully understands. This is not my opinion it is the state of the current science.

The information was always there I just never bothered to check.

Further the science is clear that the effects are not confined to the brain but are throughout the patients body. Whoever thought science could mess with the brain, the organ that controls everything, and not affect the body makes Victor Frankenstein look sane.

Providers; beware hubris!

There may not be anything at all wrong with your brain, at least not before venlafaxine.

The science is now also pretty clear that much of what we call mental illness would be better described as metabolic illness.

I try not to tell people what to do but I will make an exception; anyone suffering from mental illness should read “Brain Energy” by Dr. Palmer. He is the head of psychiatry at McLean/Mass General and a professor at Harvard. In short, kind of the top of the pile in mental healthcare.

This book saved my life. I was about to blow my head off with a shotgun when I decided to mow the lawn instead, go figure.

I had downloaded this book to listen to one day.

My journey to wellness began that day.

If you have time you can review my post and see how unlikely of a candidate I was to make it to the next day let alone have a life of peace and joy.

My parole officer commented at our last meeting, that she never new if I would live to the next months meeting.

I hope you find the peace you deserve.

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I'll order the book today! I read a book recently about using your mind to change the neural pathways in your brain. The idea is that certain "negative" reactions become the paths of least resistance. Say something bad happens like I forget an appointment. This triggers a ridiculous reaction in my head where I feel I'm just so stupid and worthless and never get anything right which is silly. But the mental anguish once started is the same as if it were justified and I can't get out of it. If I immediately step back, realize that forgetting is something everyone does, it just happens, I can stop to some degree the avalanche of negative feelings. The idea is that the negative neuronal pathway is also the path of least resistance; it's a reaction that has gotten to the point where it's become hardwired. The book I read posited that with conscious effort, mind over brain, one can gradually activate other, more positive reactions, literally rewire the brain connections to produce a more "sane" outcome. I'd give you the tile but I leant the book to my son-in-law who has a touch of OCD and was fascinated by the concept. I"ll be over there today and will get the title/author from him.