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MRI guided Biopsy - What was your experience like?

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Nov 17, 2023 | Replies (19)

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Thanks for the compassion I appreciate it. I made the appointment with the breast cancer surgeon today for November 27th. My husband wants to go with me. So far, he is O.K. in public. He is so upset that he can't drive me to my appointments. He has been by my side for 56 years and has always helped me through all of my many illnesses. Our daughter drove me to one appointment that I thought would include a biopsy and our son drove me to the other appointment when I had the core biopsy done. Unless I am having biopsies or surgery, I will probably drive myself. The breast surgeon and radiation facility I might be going to is not too far from my home. My daughter has offered to take a leave of absence from teaching, but I hate to have her do that. I could change my mind depending on what my treatment will be. I have an appointment with my oncologist this Friday and I will probably learn a little more about what the plan is. In the last 4 years I have had 6 MRI's, 6 3-D mammograms and 7 ultrasounds. I am very perplexed as to why this mass was not seen sooner. Also perplexed that our local hospital imaging department could not see the mass but the university hospital had no trouble finding it.

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Dear Katrina,
First I send Heartfelt prayers to you. I pray for the "Holy Mother"to intercede on your behalf.
Please call Mayo Clinc.
Make an appointment.
Fax over to them copies of every single record and reports of findings. Ask your daughter to type a summation sheet of all tests with biopsies.
In 2019 I was a patient at Mayo in Rochester Minnesota. I did all of the above. I advocated for myself. I got an appointment.
If you can't get an appointment, go through the Emergency Department. Bring all your records. I met a husband at Mayo whose wife had pancreatic cancer, she couldn't get an appointment. With their children in tow they drove 10 hours to Mayo in Minnesota, went through the ER.
She had surgery and is in remission. Mayo is the BEST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD. You deserve the Best. Your daughter can go out on FMLA, her job will be protected, your son can stay with your husband.
All the Best to you.
You take care. Stay strong.
In Christ's Abiding Love