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still in the hospital, today is 1 month but hopefully going home on Friday. Finally had a video call with the oncologist and my feeling is they are just trying to buy us time but won't actually say it. The consensus now is the 5FU was a mixed response. Liver had more but smaller lesions and other spread or in the case of the peritoneum has grown cysts. The palliative doctors I believe are trying to prepare me for the future by telling me her pain med use is going to increase, probably sooner rather than later. Currently on 30mg ER morphine twice a day and still taking Norco for breakthrough pain. Wife is definitely still in denial of some aspects and I don't blame her. She is focusing on the pain being from the surgery but that was over 3 weeks ago now and the internal med doc was trying to tell her delicately today that pain should be gone or very minimal by now. I believe the pain is being caused by the peritoneum tumor/cysts pushing on everything (surgery incision split open on the surface due to bloating). Wife is trying to take it half a day by half a day but that's hard. One thing she is starting to say now is "IF" we do more chemo. I know the oncologist is going to recommend it but she does want to keep a semi-decent quality of life and not be stuck in bed all day and have all the side effects like she did the first 6 rounds. This all just sucks. Everything I have read and researched puts us on a very similar timeline of progression. approx 7 months from diagnosis to hospitalization for complications (we only went 4) and then 2-8 months overall survival after that. I am not even sure she will make it to her next birthday... June

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Chuck, I hope you made it home today. Thinking of you as you adjust with the move.