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Getting VA Approval For Mayo Is A Nightmare

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<p>I've posted prior. My husband had a triple bypass at Marshfield Clinic. He's still having jaw pain. They THINK it maybe spasms and he's on a drug similar to nitro 3x daily. We've had televisits with VA and have had testing done at Marshfield. Last was a nuclear stress test. They can't go in and check the 10/1/23 surgery as its too soon. They say...you could have another heart attack.<br />So we a recommendation from Marshfield to visit Mayo cardiology. We have been calling and speaking to our state rep too.<br />We spoke to Dr. Raymond Woods, VA In Iron Mountain Michigan and his exact words are "IT WON'F FLY". He said we could go to some other cardiologist but NOT Mayo. Its a national issue. We have been accepted at MAYO too. Dr. Woods said heart conditions are common and don't need Mayo help. I can't even believe this type of insolence. He was awful and didn't care even when we told him that Marshfield told us that this jaw pain they'd never seen before. The VA Is a nightmare...how can we get more help?</p>

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I think the monitor can help you with setting up getting information from Mayo Clinic.

I am not sure the attitude toward Mayo. It is an outstanding hospital and clinic. Been a patient since 2006.

We want to get into Mayo and the VA won't allow. Those among others we're his words. The VA only allows really hard to treat cases it seems into Mayo. I certainly myself would not be looking down on Mayo especially since that is where I want to go.

Local doctors couldn't find out why I was out of breath. Nothing was showing up in tests. Conclusions included I was out of shape (maybe somewhat), too heavy (not that much) and getting old (had to agree). Got into cardiology at Mayo. The cardiologist I saw was wonderful but he, too, couldn't figure it out. He even said, "Well, I can't shoot you or hang you. I have no evidence." He then said there is one last test we can do, if you're up for it. It was a stress test with catheters in and around the heart, with anesthesia, and was done in St. Mary's Hospital. There were five doctors (two were students) and five nurses present. They found I have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, HFpEF. Nothing to do directly with my weight, fitness or age. I've been treated at Mayo for many illnesses, even stage 4 cancer. I can truly say Mayo has kept me alive. In my experience, Mayo isn't perfect but is as close as human intelligence can come to medical perfection. I thank God every day for Mayo Clinic.

@eddiereen Since your husband is a veteran and being treated at the VA, may I suggest that you contact the Veterans' Affairs Department in your state? If you are in Wisconsin, begin at https://dva.wi.gov/Pages/Home.aspx or call 800-947-8387.
They can direct you to someone who will help you sort out what your rights are. Treatment outside the VA is possible, and even common. Also, is the Cardiologist in Marshfield able to give you a referral to Mayo? I am not sure of the procedure when you have VA benefits.

Hello @eddiereen. As you mentioned, I combined your new discussion with your existing discussion about the difficulty of getting VA approval for Mayo Clinic care, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/getting-va-approval-for-mayo-is-a-nightmare/.

You may also find this article helpful as well, https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-expands-commitment-to-serving-veterans-by-participating-in-va-community-care-network-beginning-august-1-2020/.

@sueinmn shared a few good resources, have you had a chance to reach out to the veteran's affairs department?