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Good or best osteoporosis exercise book

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Thank you for your concern. But Please look up the Liftmor study to get more of an understanding of what it entails. My PT has a doctorate in PT and specializes in osteoporosis and works at our hospital. She was very enthused about incorporating the Liftmor study into my protocol. I had an xray to ensure there were no fragility fractures but the Liftmor program did have participants who did have fragility fracture (just not within a year of participation). No fractures in the two years of the study and they were lifting HEAVY. Gained some BMD. You must take it slow and build up. And work with someone who can help you attain the correct posture and train you properly on the exercises. Also according to the Liftmor program you needed a trained physiotherapist to spot you when you did the exercises.

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I love seeing someone talk about the Liftmor study. It seems to me a key but neglected piece of the osteoporosis puzzle. It shows an increase in bone density with heavy resistance exercise and with a very low incidence of injury from the program. I follow a modified version of Liftmor. I do not do overhead presses for instance as I have shoulder problems. I substitute weighted carries. I'm also just afraid to lift as heavy as they do because I'm already at -4 in the spine. If I lived in Australia I'd go see the Liftmor people. BTW, there are 3 trials all using the same resistance training approach. Liftmor for women comparing the heavy resistance Liftmor program to a light intensity exercise regime, Liftmor-m for men comparing the Liftmor program to an Osteostrong type program, and MEDEX-OP which compares Liftmor to anti-resorptives and to Buff-Bones a low resistance program. And a fourth trial, Vibmor is due for publication soon. It will compare the Liftmor program to a vibration plate device (the Marodyne).
BTW, I have just started Evenity and I'm hoping to feel safe enough at some point to start increasing my weights so that hopefully I can use weights more in line with the Liftmor trials.
Best of luck to you with whatever approach you choose