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I LOVE all the info !!!! …. BUT COULD THESE FINANCIAL TIPS PLEASE BE PUT IN THE FINANCIAL THREAD CREATED SPECIFICALLY for that so we can find it easily without having to scour through other places in hopes to find some relevant information concerning this huge DILEMMA!! Thank you soo so very much!!!

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@ans. I will ask about that however I do know that once a Discussion has started and has responses that the entire Discussion cannot be moved. Would you like to start a new discussion in the Financial Thread on this topic? And tag us? That would work.

@ans your thread is truly helpful, and you definitely titled your conversation far better than I did regarding it's content making it easier to find. Thank you so much for that.
I understand what you mean about "having to scour through other places in hopes to find some relevant information." It is indeed a huge dilemma.
As someone who is under 65 without access to Medicare, I'm having that very problem finding financial tips relevant to my situation spread throughout these threads as so much of it is written by and for Medicare recipients. I started the linked thread to separate out programs that are available to those of us who are under 65.
You are right that those tips should also be included in your thread which applies to all assistance for all situations. I'll add a comment there with a link for those specifically looking for assistance available even if you don't have Medicare. Thank you for your efforts in making it easier for all of us to find this useful information.

Here's the link to the under 65's assistance thread so that if you're reading this you don't have to hunt it down: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/any-leads-on-rx-payment-assistance-for-under-65s/