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Hello @jgkc23 and welcome to Mayo Connect. You mention that you would like to change meds. I see from an internet search that the med you are currently taking can be used for many different disorders.

If you be able to share what digestive issues you have that might help me to find some other members to connect you with.

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Hello, thanks for responding. I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in about 1996 or 1997 with chronic severe ulcerative colitis. I was very close to having to have a colectomy but Dr. Tremaine wanted to try azathioprine first. I agreed. I had a recent colonoscopy performed by a GI doctor I had never met and did not know me. We moved to our new home from the Des Moines area in December 2019. This doctor suggested that the azathioprine was causing cancer and I needed to change my med and possibly have a total colectomy. Last year I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my upper chest and have had a few tiny basal cells removed from my arms and face. I have been searching the internet regarding if azathioprine does cause colon cancer and have found no evidence of that. I am allergic to sulfa so the sulfa drugs are not an option. I am meeting with my internist next week and discussing melasamine as a possible alternative. The new biologics are far too expensive for me and I am in the "donut hole" with Medicare. I appreciate you taking an interest in my issue. Again, thanks for responding.