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No, it's not RX. Here is a brief description I pulled off the site. I start next week. I will post updates.

The Neubie is not a TENS unit. Part of what makes the Neubie unique is the fact that it utilizes direct current and its other technical specifications.

By using direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), the Neubie maximizes the potential for neuromuscular re-education and improved neurophysiological function. When you turn up a TENS unit or other traditional e-stim device, the patient will typically have protective co-contractions that promote inefficient movement patterns and can limit the effectiveness of the intervention. With the unique waveform of the Neubie, you can minimize those protective contractions and provide higher levels of sensory, or afferent, input.

There is also some evidence that DC can promote tissue healing and repair. Whereas the AC signal in traditional devices creates electric fields that switch direction many times per second, direct current sustains an electric field in one direction for a longer period of time. This electric field can orient—and possibly increase—the activity of cells that repair and regenerate all types of tissues, including bone, muscle, and connective tissue.

Besides using direct current, the Neubie’s waveforms have been engineered to reduce resistance and irritation to the skin, along with the discomfort associated with electric charge accumulation (which often occurs with traditional direct cur- rent devices).

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When I was going to PT for my back, they used this unit. Usually for about 10 minutes at a time.
there are different settings they used, basically to stimulate the muscles or help with recovery after exercise. It felt good but I thought of it like a fancy TENS unit with 4 pads. Where they put them depended on what area hurt that week. It could help along with exercise for your muscle atrophy. They used the unit on almost everyone who was at PT. Massage, exercise and the Neubie.
Good luck!

Have you used this unit? And, if so, what did YOU experience. With all due respect, we are all looking for a silver bullet.